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Blasting Away Grime The Explosively Effective World of Media Blasting Industrial Cleaning

When it comes to tackling stubborn dirt, grime, and rust on industrial surfaces, traditional cleaning methods often fall short. That's where media blasting steps in, offering a powerful and efficient solution to restore surfaces to their former glory. 

Unleashing the Power of Media Blasting:

Hughes Environmental Media Blasting Services has multiple media type options to best serve your industrial cleaning needs:

  • Dry Ice Media
  • Crushed Glass Media
  • Garnet Media
  • Soda ARMEX™ Media
  • Coal Slag Media

Blasting into Action: 

Each media has specific usage and benefits - 

Dry Ice Blasting
Dry ice blasting utilizes a unique combination of forces to powerfully lift surface contaminates without causing damage or creating harmful secondary waste. Similar to sand blasting, bead blasting, and soda blasting, dry ice cleaning prepares and cleans surfaces using a medium accelerated in a pressurized air stream. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Abrasive blasting, such as sandblasting, can damage surfaces and requires a significant amount of time for cleanup. Power washing spreads dirty water everywhere, and can damage equipment and electronics. Dry ice blast cleaning creates no secondary waste because the CO2 blast media sublimates on impact, and it is safe to use on most electronics. CO2 cleaning is also a form of non-abrasive cleaning, which will keep the surfaces being cleaned from getting damaged during the cleaning process.
Crushed Glass Blasting
For many blast applications, crushed glass is your best choice. Crushed glass, manufactured from 100% recycled bottle glass, offers the heavy-duty cutting action you may need for applications where an aggressive surface profiling is required. Crushed glass is also perfect for the removal of heavy coatings such as epoxy, paint, alkyds, vinyl, polyurea coal tar and elastomeric. The glass particles’ rough, sharp edges ensure a whiter, cleaner finish to the substrate. Crushed glass also provides superior rust back performance versus mineral / coal slag abrasives.
Garnet Blasting
Garnet abrasive is one of the most versatile media for blast cleaning. Garnet abrasive is a naturally occurring silicate crystal. The harder types of garnet like almandine are utilized for more aggressive purposes and have a hardness on the Mohs size of about 6.5 to 7.5. Once refined, it is washed, prepared, and screened to the necessary size gradation for use as an abrasive.

Where conditions permit Garnet Abrasives can be reused. Usually, Garnet Abrasive creates a very minimum amount of dust than expendable abrasives such as Crushed Glass Grit.
Soda ARMEX™ Blasting
When cleaning or restoring parts, surfaces or substrates that cannot have base materials removed or specifications and surface tolerances change the only blasting abrasive to use is ARMEX™. Other hard blasting abrasives can remove surface materials from parts and substrates damaging and changing the specifications along with surface tolerances permanently damaging what you are trying to clean or restore.

The gentle physical propriety of baking soda but yet aggressive cleaning ability is what makes ARMEX™ the only choice. ARMEX™ is also environmentally-friendly and soluble. Use ARMEX™ to clean, degrease, remove contaminants, burnt on carbon, paint, fire damage and mold remediation from a wide variety of substrates including steel, lead, aluminum, alloys, plastics, rubbers, composites and masonry materials.
Coal Slag Blasting
Coal slag has become more in demand due to its cleaning ability, low free silica, and wide array of mesh sizes. The granules are angular in shape to enhance the cutting ability, making them suitable for a wide variety of uses. All grades of coal slag are washed and have a dust suppressant added to them.

Coal slag is an abrasive blasting media that is created as a recycled byproduct of coal combustion in power plants. The slag forms unique angular shapes making it a perfect material for a variety of applications.

Primarily used for the surface preparation of steel and concrete surfaces. Can also use as general-purpose repair and maintenance blasting of coated steel surfaces.

Conclusion: Media blasting industrial cleaning is not only a highly effective method but also an exciting process that can revitalize surfaces and bring them back to life. Its versatility, efficiency, and remarkable results make it an indispensable tool in the world of industrial cleaning. So, if you're looking to blast away dirt and grime with a bang, media blasting is the explosive solution you've been searching for!


Written by Hughes

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