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In March, we celebrated Women's History Month by learning about women who have influenced our services and business. Check out the slideshow below to learn more about some of these amazing women!

Womens History Month 2023
WHM Hughes Anna Bissell
Anna Bissell's contributions to the business world are not limited to her involvement with her husband's inventions. She introduced progressive labor policies and built the Bissell company into what we know of today.

Learn more about Anna Bissell: http://www.vacuumcleanerhistory.com/vacuum-cleaner-inventors/anna-sutherland-bissell/
WHM Hughes Mary Walton

Mary Walton was a woman inventor during the Industrial Revolution from Kentucky. She moved to New York City after the Civil War and was disgusted by the air pollution she saw and breathed. Mary's patent deflected the pollution from the smokestacks into water tanks, creating better air quality for everyone.

Learn more about Mary Walton: https://lemelson.mit.edu/resources/mary-walton

WHM Hughes Margaret Ingels

Margaret Ingels revolutionized the HVAC industry with her work on air conditioning, engineering, and product manufacturing. Learn more about Margaret Ingels: https://egiafoundation.org/margaret-ingels-championing-residential-air-conditioning/

WHM Hughes Susan Hibbard

Susan M Hibbard used discarded turkey feathers to create a duster in 1874. She filed for a patent and was granted it in 1876 however, she was forced to battle in court for recognition of her invention against her husband. The court ruled in Susan's favor as the initial inventor in 1881.

Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feather_duster

WHM Hughes Teresa Smyth
Not much can be found about Teresa Smyth online, but we do know she filed patents with a co-inventor for a biodegradable liquid degreaser (1998) and a flash-dry disinfection solution to be used in hand soap (1999). You can read her patents here: https://patents.justia.com/inventor/teresa-a-smyth
WHM Hughes Patsy Sherman
Patsy Sherman was studying fluorochemicals in her lab in 1953 when an accident caused her to discover the fabric stain repellent now known as Scotchguard™. Learn more about Patsy here: http://www.women-inventors.com/Patsy-Sherman.asp

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