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February is Black History Month and to celebrate Black History as an intrinsic part of history itself, we wanted to spend some time learning about Black inventors and pioneers whose inventions had a direct effect on the services Hughes Environmental offers to our customers. Check out the image slider below to learn about some Black inventors who shaped the way we do our work today!


Frederick Jones - Inventor of the Portable Air Conditioner

Frederick McKinley Jones changed the HVAC industry with his invention of the portable air conditioner in 1938. His invention changed the landscape for both HVAC and food services because it allowed for cooling to take place on the go. He was also the co-founder of Thermo King!

Click on the image to learn more about Frederick Jones!

Alice Parker - HVAC Pioneer

Alice Parker is credited with revolutionizing the HVAC industry by creating a system that provides central heat through natural gas instead of burning coal or wood as a source.

She also is trailblazer for women and Black Americans since she was granted a patent as a Black Women before Civil Rights or Women's Rights movements began.

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Thomas W Stewart - Inventor of Wringing Mop

Thomas W Stewart didn't invent the mop, but he did invent a new version of it that was able to be wrung out and removed for cleaning that changed the way cleaning floors was done.


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Written by Hughes

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