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It is often assumed that being indoors is a safe and healthy place for people who have health issues, but this actually puts them more at risk. Why? Because air movement inside is much lower and only a percentage of the air is fresh. Not to mention, there are many sources that can contribute to indoor air pollution such as printers and copiers, insulation, carpet, furniture made from pressed wood, cleaning chemicals, and dust from building occupants. And in industrial buildings, the pollution sources may also come from the machinery and the dust or debris created during the manufacturing process. Because the pollution is often held inside, it is constantly blown around through the facility’s HVAC system. This allows the ducts to become a breeding ground for dangerous pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. These toxins will grow inside of a dirty ductwork and can cause devastating harm to those with weakened immune systems. Contaminants that are affecting your facility’s indoor air quality include:

  • Bacteria and Viruses
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Dust Mites
  • Dirt


In addition, a study by ASHRAE found that a dirty HVAC system is up to 40% less efficient than a clean one. Dirty ductwork can load filters quickly and lead to more stress on the air handler and potentially higher energy costs. Blockages in reheat coils, mixing boxes, VAV boxes and other terminal boxes found in commercial HVAC systems can also restrict airflow. So, if facility’s ducts have not been cleaned and the system is running less efficiently it can lead to poor indoor air quality, which can cause employees to become sick.

Cleaning your facility’s ductwork is the first step in removing airborne contaminants and allergens out of the air they breathe. Duct cleaning, UVC light, and air purifiers are an important part of keeping the indoor air quality safe and healthy for everyone that enters through your doors. Since, the ductwork is out of sight, it is often out of mind and may not regularly be cleaned. But cleaning from the point where the air enters the system to the point where it exits, including grilles and registers, will help to keep particles out of the ambient air.


Other Solutions That Help Improve Indoor Air Quality


Air Purification System

An air purifier is an air cleaning device that captures and kills contaminants within the purifier itself. Air purifiers use one or more filtration and air treatment methods to remove pollutants from the air. Air purifiers that use HEPA filtration can filter air particles down to 0.3 microns in size with a 99.97%.


UVC Light Disinfection

UVC Lighting is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. UVC refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280 nanometers (nm). Light in the UVC wavelength can be used for disinfecting duct work, sterilizing surfaces, destroying harmful micro-organisms in food products and in air.

  • UVC lighting at the coil (also known as In-duct UVGI systems)
  • UVGI For HVAC Systems
  • Upper Air UVC Solutions
  • UVC Light Disinfection Wand
  • Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System
  • Ceiling/Wall Mountable Germicidal UVC Systems



Think the indoor air quality in your building might be effecting your employees? Contact Us Here or call us at 888-845-3952 to find out how Hughes Environmental can help give your facility fresh, clean air to breathe again.


Hughes Environmental’s technicians are experienced and trained to meet your facility’s safety requirements. We’ve performed hundreds of HVAC systems cleaning projects in all kinds of facilities. So, whether your building is a manufacturing facility, a university, school, hospital, or office building, we can help you breathe easier with commercial duct cleaning.

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