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UVC Light Disinfection, Facility Cleaning, HVAC System Cleaning, UVC at the Coil, Facility Disinfection, Electrostatic Disinfection, BIOPROTECTUS System

Stay Healthy This Winter With Industrial Disinfection

Another year is over, which means its time time to make sure that your facilities work environment is clean and safe ...

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Fire Safety Tips For A Safe And Happy Holiday

The holidays are an exciting time to spend with your family and friends, and the New Year is only a week away. But as ...

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Hughes Environmental, Air Purification Systems

The Differences Between Air Purifiers, Air Filters and Air Scrubbers

As professionals in the environmental cleaning industry, we talk lot about how cold weather seems the increase the risk ...

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Duct Cleaning, Hughes Environmental, Commercial Duct Cleaning, HVAC System Cleaning

Prove HVAC Cleaning Will Help Save On Heating Expenses This Winter

Have you noticed an unexplained spike in your energy bills? It could be that your air ducts need to be cleaned. If your ...

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Combustible Dust Remediation, Combustible Dust, Hughes Environmental

Why Combustible Dust Cleaning Is Important During Winter

With warmer temperatures experienced nationwide this summer and fall, if felt like winter would be delayed. But now ...

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UVC Light Disinfection, Hughes Environmental, Commercial Duct Cleaning, HVAC System Cleaning, UVC at the Coil, UVC Light for HVAC System

UVC Light for HVAC Systems to Disinfect Ducts

For many companies in the industrial industry, you might be facing the shutdown season for proper environmental ...

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Hughes Environmental

Hughes Named One of Louisville’s Fifty Fastest Growing Companies

Hughes Environmental Was Announced As One Of Louisville First's Fifty Fastest Growing Companies! 

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Ceiling & Rafter Cleaning, Hughes Environmental, Rafter & Ceiling Cleaning, High Ceiling Dust

High Ceiling Cleaning To Prevent Combustible Dust Explosions

Most industrial plants produce some sort of dust during the manufacturing process. It’s easy to see dust or dirt at eye ...

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