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We are starting to see a decline in overall COVID cases around the U.S but don't let that be a reason to pull back on the disinfection and sanitizing procedures your facility currently have in place. Global pandemic or not, keeping these processes in place ensure your facility is a safe environment for employees. Facility cleaning and disinfection services are more important than ever to the health and safety of your employees. As we continue to move through spring and into summer, now is the perfect time to plan for your facility’s cleaning and disinfection services.


Cleaning / Disinfection Services For Your Facility

As an environmental safety company, we recommend for industrial facilities to only use the best when it comes to the health and safety of you and your employees. Ventilation, Filtration, and UVGI remain the only safe and scientifically proven technologies for airborne disinfection.


Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning

Clean ductwork is the first step in removing airborne contaminants and allergens out of the air you breathe. Regular duct cleaning also improves airflow, allowing your facility’s HVAC system to run more efficiently. According to the EPA, a buildup of just 0.42″ of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease of efficiency of 21%. Dirty ductwork can load filters quickly and lead to more stress on the air handler and potentially higher energy costs. Blockages in reheat coils, mixing boxes, VAV boxes and other terminal boxes found in commercial HVAC systems can also restrict airflow.

  • Supply & Return Ductwork
  • Dedicated Exhaust Ductwork and Fans
  • Air Handler Units
  • Internally Lined Ductwork: Cleaning and Encapsulating (Sealing)
  • Mold Remediation from all types of Ductwork
  • VAV’s Reheat Coils, Mixing Boxes
  • Filter Replacements


Air Purification Systems

The issue of indoor air quality concerns many people these days. It is essential to have a way to purify the air from harmful pollutants. The best way to do this is through the use of air purification systems, air filters or air scrubbing systems.

  • Air purifiers capture and kill contaminants within the purifier itself. Air purifiers use one or more filtration and air treatment methods to remove pollutants from the air.
  • Air scrubbers utilizes a sear and retrieve method to eliminate contaminants in the indoor air. Air scrubbers are excellent for construction and healthcare organizations as they are highly effective at removing both airborne and settled dust and bacteria
  • Air Filters filter out particulate matter before it has time to spread into the air.


UVGI Light Disinfection

UVC Lighting is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. UVC refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280 nanometers (nm). Light in the UVC wavelength can be used for disinfecting hospitals, sterilizing surfaces, destroying harmful micro-organisms in the air.

  • In-duct UVC Lighting
  • Upper Air UVC Solutions
  • UVC Disinfection Wand
  • Mobile Remote UVC Disinfection System
  • Ceiling/Wall Mountable Germicidal UVC Systems
  • UV Water Purification


Facility Disinfecting

Facility cleaning/disinfection solutions, has several solutions that can help protect your facility from bacteria and viruses spreading and take over the winter months. According to the CDC, nasty bacteria and viruses may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials.

  • Hand Wiping
  • PuraShield
  • Electrostatic Disinfection
  • BIOPROTECTUs™ System



Hughes Environmental

Hughes Environmental, a national leader in environmental and facility cleaning/disinfection solutions, specializes in helping facilities become safer, cleaner, and code compliant work environments by providing quality environmental cleaning and facility disinfecting services. We service a wide variety of industries including, Industrial, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Long-term Care, Hospitality and Government facilities.

After the Hughes 3-Step Cleaning Service is complete, we can offer your place of business a full media kit to show your employees & visitors/customers that you are fully committed to their health & well-being. This kit includes, a certificate, a digital seal for social media, and a Press Release Template should you desire to alert to the local media.

Our technicians are trained, certified and up-to-date on common best practices. We have an OSHA trainer on staff, and our technicians have been through OSHA 10- or 30-hour training. We also have Council-certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) and Council-certified Microbial Remediators (CMR) on staff.

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