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Top 3 Key Signs Its Time to Clean Your Screen Printing Press Blog Image

If you enjoy screen printing, you're not alone! Screen printing is a fun hobby that many people are using to make custom t-shirts. Others even make a business out of screen printing!

Part of screen printing is keeping your printer press clean. Doing so ensures that you're still able to create products without a hitch. 

So, are you asking, "When should I clean my printing press?" Don't stress! Here are three key signs it's time to clean your screen printing press. 


1. You Just Completed a Project

The easiest way to tell if it's time to clean your screen printing press is if you just completed a project. This doesn't need to be a deep clean, but wiping it down can help keep your equipment in good condition. 

After completing a screen-printing job, be sure to wipe down the printing press with a clean, dry rag. Then, take another rag and spray it with a cleaning solution to get up the more difficult ink splotches. 

This helps keep your screen printing machine clean and ready for your next design. Otherwise, you may find leftover colors on your next project, which can end up destroying your designs. 


2. You Begin to Notice Stains on Your Screen Printing Press

Another sign that it's time for a printing press cleaning job is if you begin to notice an excessive amount of stains on your printing press. While you might think you can't clean these up, most times you can!

There are several extra-strength solutions for cleaning your printing press that will let you get up particularly difficult stains. This can be helpful if you're wanting to reclaim old screen-printing screens, too. 

To remove the stained ink, remove any plastic or tape that's on the screen. Then, lay it down to soak for roughly two minutes in a cleaning solution. This should pull off the tough stains, which you can also scrub with a rag if they're particularly defiant. 


3. You See Dust Building up on Your Screens

If you see dust beginning to build up on your print screens, it's definitely time for some cleaning preparation. Dust and other particles can get into the ink and leave marks, streaks, and spots in your finished product. 

To help prevent dust from building up in your screen printing gear, you can wipe down your machinery before each use. This helps get rid of any particles that may have accumulated since the last time you used it. 

On top of that, using a cleaning solution or cleaning machine can help you get rid of the dust on your screen printing technology. Conducting regular deep-cleanings helps keep all the printing press machinery clear of dust and other particles. 


Keep Your Screen Printing Technology Clean

By keeping an eye out for these three signs that it's time to clean your screen printing press, you can keep your technology functioning properly. Conducting regular cleanings is essential to making sure you can continue to produce beautiful screen-printed products. 

If you're looking for a cleaning strategy that can get rid of all dust, debris, and ink stains, Hughes Environmental's dry ice blasting is for you. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help!

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