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Key Factors That Determine the Cost of Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning Blog Image

The global pandemic has made indoor air quality more important than ever.

If you own a commercial property, it is your duty to maintain the health and safety of all people in the building by providing the cleanest air quality possible. The best way to ensure a healthy indoor air filtration system is to schedule commercial HVAC duct cleaning for your property.

Servicing your HVAC regularly provides a safe environment for your customers and employees and cuts down on the high cost of HVAC inefficiencies.

Read on to discover the costs associated with commercial HVAC duct cleaning so you can be prepared.


1. Labor Costs

Commercial HVAC duct cleaning is at least 30 percent higher than residential, with costs averaging between $75 and $150 per hour. The reason for the added costs for commercial work depends on several factors.

For starters, most businesses have custom ducts. Additionally, commercial HVAC is often much larger and harder to clean than residential projects. Lastly, commercial projects tend to have more furnaces, blowers, and air conditioning units because of their size.


2. Size and Type of Ductwork

Another factor associated with the management of commercial HVAC systems is the size and type of ductwork. As most commercial properties have custom ductwork, this increases the cost of service.

Additionally, the size of your commercial property also plays a role in the size of your HVAC. Larger units with more vents will increase the cost to service and clean the system. The size of your ductwork determines how many professionals are needed to clean it.


3. Level of Contamination

Sometimes, commercial ductwork accumulates dust particles, dirt, and mildew. Depending on the level of contamination of mildew or even mold can increase the cost of cleaning the system. Ductwork with mildew or mold issues may need repairs as well, creating an added cost to the cleaning.


4. Accessibility of Ductwork

Custom ductwork may help commercial properties, but they aren’t always the easiest systems to clean. That makes them more labor-intensive, which can mean a higher cost to clean the system. While this may not always be the case, it is something to be aware of when thinking about commercial HVAC duct cleaning costs.


5. Duct Repairs

While it’s not ideal, sometimes ductwork repairs may need to be addressed. To provide a safe environment for all people on the property, it’s important to make the repairs right then and there. Additionally, the repairs will help your HVAC system run more efficiently.


Bonus Tip

To ensure you’re getting the best quality of commercial duct HVAC cleaning for your property, refer to this hand NADCA Commercial HVAC duct cleaning checklist.



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