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Are you looking for an easy, effective, and environmentally-friendly way to remove dirt or unwanted coatings from surfaces? If so, you might be interested to learn about dry ice blasting. It’s simple to use, leaves behind no residue, and doesn’t release any unwanted toxins into your workspace—or the atmosphere.

But how does dry ice blasting work? In fact, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this innovative cleaning technology. Read on to learn exactly how it works. As well as everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dry ice blasting, and whether it could be a good fit for your needs.


How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Dry ice blasting involves shooting minuscule CO2 (or dry ice) pellets at an intended surface. The CO2 is accelerated to high speeds through a nozzle using compressed air.

This in itself helps to clean a surface, however, the addition of super cold temperatures creates a thermal effect that helps to further break the bond between the surface and its coating. As well as this, upon impact, the CO2 pellets sublimate, a process that also helps to detach the coating.

It can be thought of in the same way as a pressure washer or sandblaster, except instead of water or sand, the media being used to clean the surface in question is CO2 at a sub-freezing temperature. The dry ice reaches temperatures of −109.3 °F, and this, in addition to the force of impact generated by the compressed air, and the sublimation of the CO2, all combine to create a near-perfect cleaning method.


Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting has various advantages over other similar comparable cleaning methods. For one, it leaves no residue or particles to clean up. Unlike with sandblasting, the CO2 particles produced dissolve on impact, leaving nothing to clean or wipe down.

It is also an eco-friendly method of cleaning. No additional chemicals are required, so you can keep your carbon footprint low while keeping your equipment sparkling clean.

As dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method, it won’t cause any unwanted damage to your surfaces. It’s tough on stains but gentle on substrates.

Finally, best of all, dry ice blasting is a more efficient way of cleaning. It requires no cooldown time or disassembly, it doesn’t leave behind residue, and it’s simple and quick to operate.


Revolutionize the Way You Clean

If efficiency, productivity, and sustainability are things that matter to you, then dry ice blasting could be the new cleaning system you need. Hopefully, this article has answered any questions you had about how does dry ice blasting work and has illustrated the many benefits and advantages this cleaning method can offer.

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