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Articles, Combustible Dust Remediation, Hughes Environmental, OSHA

3 Steps To Safety Clean Combustible Dust

As a manufacturing facility, you produce a lot of dust, and that dust is most likely considered to be combustible! Dust ...

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Articles, Hughes Environmental, OSHA, Rafter & Ceiling Cleaning, Ceiling and Rafter Cleaning

High Ceiling Dusting For Your Business

With the winter season right around the corner, I can’t help but think about the importance of a clean work environment ...

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NFPA, Articles, Combustible Dust Remediation, Industry News, Hughes Environmental, OSHA

What is NFPA 652?

As a general contractor, architect, engineer and any other profession in the construction industry, have probably ...

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Why a Clean HVAC System is Important

Why does your facility need to have a clean HVAC system and ductwork? The answer is a simple one: to increase the ...

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Articles, Combustible Dust Remediation, Combustible Dust, Hughes Environmental, dust explosion, combustible dust safety, OSHA

Know What Elements Can Be Eliminated to Prevent Dust Explosions

We’re used to knowing that flammable solids will burn easily, but what many people may not realize is that dust can be ...

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Arc Flash, Articles, Combustible Dust Remediation, Hughes Environmental, OSHA, Workplace Safety

Are You Safe at Work? OSHA Compliance is the Law

In 2018, OSHA reported 1,528 violations of wearing protective face and eye gear. Wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal ...

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